Metal laser cutting machine how to drive the metal industry rapid development

by:cycjet     2020-07-09
Along with our country the rapid growth of the production, and consumption of stainless steel pipe, pipe processing technology has been developing rapidly, especially the laser cutting machine, but also brought unprecedented leap for pipe material processing. As a kind of special laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine mainly for metal pipes for laser cutting. As is known to all, any new process can be accepted by the public and get fast development, inevitably has the characteristics of the process is less than tradition, so the advantages of laser cutting machine and what? Basically has the following two points: one is the flexibility. About laser cutting machine is a flexible? Is almost is how to how to cut cut, it can be on the stainless steel pipe cutting out any has the shape of a good program, and laser perfect cutting can be done in any direction. The shape to be processed through computer programming design, flexible can change rapidly. The height of the laser cutting machine flexibility for more and more personalized processing provides a powerful technical support, thereby reducing the use of mould number. The second is accuracy. Compared with the traditional flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting and processing equipment, laser cutting of sheet metal precision is much higher, at the same time, as mentioned above, may occur in the manufacturing process of different materials in small scale deformation, laser cutting machine can be adjusted according to the deformation, and it is also a lot of traditional craft. Laser cutting machine performance characteristics: first, on the centralized operation, flexible processing, automatic laser cutting machine, blanking, the clamping is convenient and quick. Second, laser cutting machine using precision rack and double drive way, convenient maintenance and maintenance, basic maintenance free. Third, laser cutting machine adopts imported special pipe cutting software, core has high efficient cutting technology, is effective to save material, improve the cutting efficiency is the fundamental guarantee. Based on the above advantages, laser cutting machine is widely used in fitness equipment, office furniture, kitchen cabinet industry such as the round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes and special pipe material processing, in addition to the applications, introduced to a large number of national key industrial area, the people rose laser also in efforts to expand the international market, speed up the upgrading, committed to global customers with more quality products and more efficient services and more comprehensive solution for laser industry as a whole.
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