Metal laser cutting machine how to clean the lens?

by:cycjet     2020-07-08
A mechanical device to use durable, the daily maintenance of remaining that is indispensable. As laser cutting machine in daily processing tasks, can produce a small amount of gas and splash, these will be on laser lens formation damage, if do not often stop treatment, will greatly reduce the lens using life. Laser lens is a match easily damaged artifacts, must pay attention to during cleaning. How do the cleaning, need pay attention to what? In the process of assembly, cleaning, equipment and any bit of sticky perhaps oil droplets will damage occurred on the lens, form the using life of the lower, so pay attention to implementation of the measures. First: indirect relative can not touch the device before the lens with the hand, demand for the second: wear rubber gloves must not use, a third: scratch the lens cannot contact membrane layer, when you pick up the lens to get the edge of the lens: 4 lens demand on boring, to stop in the middle of the health inspection wash 5: task layer should be prepared daily countless cleaning wipes, and countless cleaning lens tissue paper: 6 processing staff don't speak in the bottom of the lens, eat bread or drink water away from the task area, prevent the formation of no need of purification in the process of cleaning the lens, these are the necessary requirements take care of that, anything not consider to be able to form the lens reduce utilizing life can't even use.
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