Metal laser cutting machine how to choose appropriate own?

by:cycjet     2020-07-08
Laser cutting machine, important is suitable for the sheet metal, confessions, kitchen utensils and appliances, lamps, tools, hardware and other sheet metal parts processing and other industries. As set equipped with a large background in our country in recent years, the deployment of the continuation of overweight, in cutting set equipped with scope of deployment is very hot. What accounts for the large metal laser cutting machine time popular reception? Small make up its disadvantage, characteristics, growth will come from detailed instructions. Large-format laser cutting machine as an emerging technology in recent years, can the high energy density of laser beam to stay machining workpieces, the lee important table now the following aspects: 1. Narrow slot, slot roughness. 2. Laser high degree of automation, which can be totally enclosed processing, low noise, greatly improved the condition control staff. 3. Processing capital expensive. Set equipped with deployment of one-time investment is more expensive, but in a row, a small amount of processing the ultimate each parts processing capital rising up. 4. Laser is a war processing, processing speed is fast, the common numerical control system of CAD/CAM software programming, high group to listen to. 5. Laser of high energy density is enough to melt any metal, especially in order to process some high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point of the other craft skill are difficult to machining materials. 6. The energy density of the laser processing is very big, time short, small heat affected zone, small thermal deformation, thermal stress is small, with a laser as a war machine processing, not without machine stress in workpiece, is in order to fine processing. 7. Laser processing system is a set of calculating machine system, can the convenient arrangement, revisions, appropriate nature processing, especially for some appearance shape of sheet metal parts, large batch not more quantities, short product life cycle, the economic capital and time respects, uneconomic of mold manufacturing, laser cutting Mr Lee. Industry experts, is to the high power laser cutting machine, large, thick plate tends to grow. Gave birth to attack the signs of * important change the characteristics of the resolution by the large laser cutting machine itself. 1. Everything important high-power solid laser cutting machine main body, laser power supply, water cooler and four department, computer control console layout is compact, easy to manipulate. 2. Cutting of high precision, good stability, accept close ball screw transmission mechanism, optimizing the control of CNC system, can good parts processing, fine stability and static function, between things can continue forever. 3. Long section of good quality: to accept machine servo system of cutting head, the cutting head with rough servo board, cutting point position has been connecting fluctuations, smooth level off, kerf width, after the section without disposal dispose, comply with the stereo or surface plate cutting. 4. Cutting width, comply with the cutting material: stainless steel cutting thickness is 5 mm, within 3000 mm * 1500 mm wide sheet metal; Great can be processed material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium plate, etc. 5. Cost-effective: make sheet cutting could replace the CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punching and shearing machine, etc. 6. Application of low capital: this is YAG solid laser laser machine acceptance, application of important material for electricity, water, gas and laser. 7. High cutting speed, high efficiency. 8. Follow-up wore expensive: the laser machine layout is simple, convenient manipulation, laser stable running, low maintenance capability. Along with our country transportation, military ships, one of the large outdoor trade movement continues to grow, large ships, large set equipped with deployment, large panel manufacturing requirements. Today, China's steel cutting generally accepted as the flame cutting, plasma cutting, due to the infinite precision, especially for special material has a high requirement of ship surface and hull, the material manufacture and so on, usually cut set equipped with deployment once cannot be gratified manufacturing requirements, higher consumption market in urgent need of functional skills higher cutting set equipped with new deployment. Many WaiYang large set equipped with deployment manufacturers used widely accepted large thick sheet metal laser cutting machine to consume, overseas companies are also beginning a set equipped with deployment of change, accept laser cutting has become a necessary process. Estimated 5 - in the future Ten years, the market for large laser cutting machine, consumer demand is great. With the coming of the 'close' period, high power CO2 laser cutting technique and is equipped with will lost more and more common in our country's widespread use. Large thick sheet metal laser cutting machine in other important industries have urgent requirements, such as aerospace launch machine rotor hub of hot rolled billet cutting, iron and steel metallurgy industry of laser cutting, thick armor tanks, armoured vehicles close cut, the deployment of generating set generator rotor pure intimacy cut, etc. Along with our country set equipped with deployment of railway, road set equipped with deployment, water conservancy, set up equipment deployment, water and electricity setting provide deployment, power, mining set equipped with deployment, construction, outdoor advertising, exhibitions and other large projects, experts estimate, in 2017, the market demand of large laser cutting machine will reach 200 billion yuan of above, large plate laser cutting machine will in which is widely used in construction machinery industry in China will be lost.
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