Metal laser cutting machine how to build personality business card

by:cycjet     2020-07-09
Business card, it is the image of a company, is a symbol of personal identity, people nowadays use more and more disorderly, business CARDS that are more used to show how to build yourself with the company's identity, status, power business card? Give a person a kind of feeling of high-end atmosphere. That is metal laser engraving machine carved metal business CARDS, metal business CARDS can be carved on all sorts of text and design information. Can carve out you need deep carved, shallow carving, AoTuGan effect, the carving design text has long not rub off and not fall off, the effect of carving up like more the atmosphere of the noble metal business card. So will use laser engraving machine, people liters laser has decades of research and development of laser equipment production experience, has its own research and professional r&d team. People rise laser laser engraving machine can engraving on metal business card logo, words, designs, qr code, serial Numbers, symbols, the code number, etc. , and sculpt speed, high efficiency, long service life, simple operation, no consumables need electricity, design text free to change the design, sculpture has not rub off and not fall off for a long time, save labor, ehs zero pollution, can read sex is good wait for a characteristic. Metal business card can be carved out of the bump effect, effect, the effect of black color, color effect, clear the content of the carving, carving surface without burr. Metal laser engraving adopts is contact processing method, the material will not cause mechanical press machine, processing surface clean without causing damage. Make a card on your own or corporate personality, can let you be in the process of social middleman customers even more impressive.
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