Manufacturers how to choose the line food packaging laser printer

by:cycjet     2020-08-10
With the continuous development of economy, more and more industrialized, along with the demand of the market, large and small processing plants increased unceasingly, the environmental problem has become a top priority, now the country has begun to focus on environmental issues, environmental issues is also highly concerned, the government and the enterprise how to keep rapid development of laser printer in shenzhen under the condition of reasonable use of resources, guarantee the sustainable regeneration type development, to safeguard the unity of the ecological environment of green, become major problems. The people l have all the new assembly line laser printer, laser printer can in all kinds of food packaging, beverage packaging companies need to play displayed above all kinds of information, such as: qr code, bar code, production date, instructions, shelf life, origin, LOGO, serial number, serial number, symbols, etc. Can easily implement. People rise of laser printer marking speed, high efficiency, no consumables, no pollution, long service life, simple operation and computer graphic operation can modify, don't need to change mould, marking up of the graphic is permanent will not leave won't rub off. To improve the production efficiency and save a lot of artificial cost and spurt the code machine ink, solvent. As more and more manufacturers began to use a laser printer, laser printer in universal access to open domestic marking processing industry, nowadays a lot of industrial zone, are not allowed to use polluting spurt the code machine, are beginning to understand, consultation, intention to purchase the laser printer installation, because better spurt the code machine using ink, solvent annual fees are generally above ten thousand RMB, has nearly reached the price of a laser printer, if long bottom go to, then the cost is astonishing. Use a laser printer should be born, laser printer without ink solvent, plug and play, can be substantial cost savings consumables, now known as domestic mengniu, yi bao, yili, big companies such as Coca-Cola, all of the products by laser printer to identity, high efficiency, high cost performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, this is in line with the long-term development strategy of an enterprise. People liters laser in the laser equipment industry has ten years of research and development of laser equipment manufacturing experience, is a laser equipment manufacturers with technology, people rise the laser has a group of professional technical team and after-sales service team, can provide customers with free proofing, free distribution equipment, debugging equipment, on-site technical training, door remote technical guidance and so on. Customers only need to request, the people rose laser opportunity needed to develop a customer according to the requirements of technical solutions, provide the high quality service.
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