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Manual Coding Printer of CYCJET/Hand Jet Printer

Manual Coding Printer of CYCJET/Hand Jet Printer

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Product Description



Manual Coding Printer of CYCJET/Hand Jet Printer

A. Specifications:

1. Automatically
2. Portable and Smart
3. easy operating

B. Technical Paremeters:


Max Printing area



Print Technology


Max print speed


Print resolution


Battery capacity

Up to 1000prints

Print content

Number, date, time, text and graphics and barcodes

Memory function

Up to four different print images

Inter face

USB, Wireless


140*160*85mm (W*H*D)

Base station Dimension

155*140*30mm (W*H*D)



C. Product feature:

1. The jetStamp graphic 970 is a hand-held inkjet printer that marks documents and products simply and quickly.

2. In addition to number, date, time and text, this device can also print graphics and barcodes.

3. With the MP ink, it is also possible to print on non-absorbent surfaces such as metal and plastic.

4. The 970 is mobile, handy and easy to operate and program. It comes complete with its own software and weighs just over 0.5kg.

5. The 970 is operated with rechargeable batteries, it can be taken to the goods to be marked quickly, easily and on the go.

D. Printing Case:



Our Services

A. One ink cartridge is free with a printer. And we provide original consumables with favourable price.


B. For the whole printer, we provide one year warranty. The instruction CD can help you learn operate the printer more easily. And any problems, our technican can help you through the internet or telephone.


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The product allows for increased production and profit margin. Because it makes fewer mistakes than humans, saving companies' time. The product has a high precision scanning system. Since this product only requires a low number of workers to finish production tasks, it considerably helps save labor costs. The product has a high precision scanning system.
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