Make industry leader, people rise the path of the laser technology high speed development

by:cycjet     2020-08-07
In fact, the people rose has the advantage of automatic production line technology, laser for 3 c industry international customers with automatic production lines and system solutions. And became the first in China to realize the automatic equipment in the process of laser application introduced, won the customer's highly recognized. And laser processing equipment in the masses of customers are also rapidly increasing, as a share of its consumer electronics products. Application in the field of car and so on are also continued to deepen. According to mobile newspapers online observation, in recent years, in the business of small and medium-sized laser, smartphone full screen, laser industry development is good, the company is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth. With the development of OLED AMOLED and development of new technologies, such as wireless charging, relevant industry profits space is expanding, and the capacity of laser precision machining industry raises its business. Is precisely under this trend, people rose by laser to retain a central unit in advance technology, to develop more new products in advance. Litres of laser in terms of money, people also has the advantage, after many years of continuous efforts, the company many times to move move, several times of growth in 2017 is 2016. People liters laser machines got the approval and praise of users. China's laser both engineering technology content high, the market demand is big, the project will release ability. In addition to involve the consumer electronics industry, small and medium-sized laser in the field of high power, auto lightweight development and aerospace and other fields will also have the very big development space. In areas such as shipbuilding, home appliances, laser processing demand is also growing rapidly. The laser also has the ability to provide domestic advanced automatic production line for laser processing. The future is expected to continue to increase a new line of customers.
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