Look people rise precision laser cutting machine power fingerprint identification market raise the cost of lower quality

by:cycjet     2020-07-17
Fingerprint identification market broke out, the people rise laser precision laser cutting machine to improve the quality and reduce people known as the price. Mobile phones camera and security this two big functions has become a pain spot of mobile phone users. At present, the camera has been introduced a dual cameras, manufacturers are starting to invest. Mobile phone security as the key point of the development of the functional areas, the major manufacturers or apple mobile phone, adopt unique fingerprint recognition technology to protect the security of the mobile phone. Because there is no better method to replace the fingerprint as security functions. Fingerprint identification technology is the core of the fingerprint identification module, in the process of fingerprint recognition, fingerprint identification has uniqueness. Due to the direction of each printing are not identical, the focus is different also, this will bring different degree of deformation, fuzzy fingerprint module will appear a lot of at the same time, so. How to extract the features, realizes the right match, has become the key to fingerprint identification technology, processing technology of the fingerprint identification module put forward higher requirements. The characteristics of fingerprint identification module is 'high precision'. In recent years, the fingerprint recognition technology made a breakthrough in the application of the mobile terminal. Fingerprint identification has become a blockbuster products of enterprises with various touch display module, fingerprint module manufacturing process has become increasingly mature. It is known that most of the production process has integrated automation. But for the modularized cutting the technology, but there are a lot of companies are using artificial control unit equipment to carry out, so, in addition to high Labour costs at the same time. In order to solve the problem of the cutting precision and efficiency of the fingerprint module, the people rose laser in order to solve the problem of precision and fingerprint module cutting efficiency of the development trend of the industry, to a large extent, the production efficiency and product yield have also been greatly restricted. Organization development and timely launch of precision laser cutting machine fingerprint and camera module and related automatic cutting solutions, help enterprises to save processing time, improve product yield. Reduce the production cost. People liters laser precision laser cutting machine can realize the rigid plate, the combination of hard and soft version, for a variety of base material of fingerprint identification and camera module can be cutting, cutting quality is good, no burr and edge processing, long-term good stability, high accuracy, can be designed according to different data, cutting on the base material directly, automatic loading and unloading, reduce manual operation. Faster and more accurate, and is equipped with a mirror automatic correction, automatic alignment, shows the real technology in small places. Through the mobile phone industry chain, the downstream enterprises to cooperate. People rose laser, with its many advantages in industrial micromachining applications, successfully solves the fingerprint identification chips and flat cutting precision and efficiency, supported by sufficient production capacity. For the global brand mobile phone popularity fingerprint identification technology, speed up the availability of mobile phone fingerprint identification module, provide a powerful quality and capacity. Has been widely recognized in the industry. Get more people l precision laser cutting machine information? For details, please call us, or to the official website of WWW. szmslaser。 Com, the people rose published content from the Internet, the purpose is to convey information, but the same does not represent the views and positions on this website, the copyright belongs to original author, if there are any infringement, please contact to delete.
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