Liters laser laser engraving power making leather fashion 'people'

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
Leather is now the tide of fashion products, clothes, pants, shoes, hats, bags and so on are used in leather, leather is high consumption of high grade fashionable personage love, a lot of film stars are very in love. Leather could make dresses and skirts pants adorn more elegant, luxurious temperament, high-grade to eat, so the leather has become a fashion a bloom the flower of fashion, but with laser engraving, laser cutting of leather will be even more dazzling. Laser marking machine is made by high energy laser beam irradiation to the surface of the workpiece evaporation surface substance, revealing deep into the material, so mark permanent identity, laser marking can be carved out of the graphic, trademark, LOGO, product information, etc. , and marking out the graphic will not fade, not deformation, can also be carved out of the hollow out effect. Certainly not before carving must be of a laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine cutting speed and simple layout, low consumables, and so on, compared with the traditional manual, electric cutting speed slow, typesetting, waste more special obvious advantages, such as laser cutting machine is computer control, only need to cut the need of the size, design input computer, cutting machine can according to the input of information cut out finished product you want, don't need a knife, don't need to mold, such not only can increase production, also can greatly save the cost of producing, nowadays the laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine is widely used in leather industry. Before using the laser marking machine need to receive professional training, no trained not to operate in order to avoid accidents. And laser marking machines in use process need to pay attention to the following: 1, do not operate without training, eyes can't just a laser beam, the body not to enter the laser area 2, mark light range to prevent the warning sign in equipment best closed up around 3, a laser beam, jade leaked 4, in the process of operation need to carry protective equipment 5, marking machine placed in the place where the air circulation, 6 as far as possible, don't place all sorts of sundry, above the workbench to keep clean and tidy 7, don't drink in the working area, to have a meal, in order to avoid water or oil poured on the device, leading to eight devices appear safe hidden trouble, at the level of equipment as far as possible not to put the same as the human eye, so as to avoid accidents
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