LED lamp is acted the role of 3 d surface laser marking machine 'people liters laser'

by:cycjet     2020-08-18
'Light' is necessary in our life, and now the light of all kinds from previous tungsten lamps to LED lights, now is such a small lamp, has brought us in the dark light, LED lamp rapid development, now no matter it daily, still are applied to the LED on the industry, etc. More widely used, such as: car, billboards, flashlights, lights, daily lighting and so on. Samples of LED lamps and lanterns of 3 d surface laser marking machine products no matter what we will see in the above all kinds of parameters, is introduced in detail on the product, production date, origin, model, shelf life, using the matters needing attention, etc. , these are all must indicate, bulb also need to indicate the wattage, voltage and other information to customers, so the light bulb above the logo is how to go up? And bulb, round with a range of general way of tag has the difficulty, that people would say to the rise of 3 d laser marking machine. Samples of LED lamps and lanterns of 3 d surface laser marking machine and the raising of the laser 3 d laser marking machine has mature technology, has a number of lighting industry cooperation cases in recent years, in the aspect of LED lamps and lanterns of 3 d surface marking has a wealth of experience, 3 d laser marking technology has been successfully applied to many manufacturers processing line. Samples of LED lamps and lanterns of 3 d surface laser marking machine 3 d laser type lamps and lanterns with advantage? 1, a target speed, character by clear, delicate, beautiful; 2, low cost, no supplies, marking range can adjust at will; 3, high precision, almost without error, and can be configured automatic multi-station rotary plate; 4, can be single ring marking, which can realize continuous processing, machining process and material without interference from top to bottom, can be continuously continuous processing, to maximize efficiency; 5, do not need to die, don't need ink, no supplies, non-contact processing; 6, no pollution, no noise, safety and environmental protection processing way; 7, computer control system, the operation is simple, flexible, good stability; 8, equipment high photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption, stable performance; 9, software Chinese interface, simple operation, software compatible with a variety of formats, such as: PLT, AI, DXF, DWG, JPG, BMP, etc. , also have serial number, bar code marking, automatic jump function;
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