Laser welding technology driven forward, 2018 car share new boom

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
With the development of society, science and technology and industrial revolution of the two-way drive, accelerating forward to share with the coming of the era, and transportation as a modern life indispensable important one annulus, is one of the current sharing economic penetration deep industry. 'Shared cycling ascendant,' 'sharing' then, after 'Shared cycling', another major cities in the country round trip to upsurge, on the north of guangzhou city, the form of small car share can be seen everywhere. Due to policy and for reasons of cost, sharing in the great cities of the car carriers are no exception, are to choose a new energy electric vehicles. , industry experts said that in 2018, China's high speed development of sharing cars will undoubtedly become a booster of new energy vehicles development, will promote the popularization of new energy vehicles in an all-round way and the further development of automobile technology. At the same time, car share range needs to be improved, and the battery problem such as security, also began to become motorists are the focus of attention of the masses. In fact, for new energy electric vehicles, power battery as its core component, is the electric car is the key part, quality can be directly determine the vehicle performance, even this also for sharing cars power battery production put forward higher requirements. Learned, power battery due to welding position, welding difficulty is big, accuracy is high, so it is difficult for the traditional welding methods to meet the requirements of its development. And at present, laser welding technology as an alternative to the traditional welding technology, welding material wastage, the welding deformation is small, equipment performance stable and easy to operate and welding characteristics of higher degree of automation, is widely applied in the field, power battery welding so as to improve the security, reliability of the battery, prolong service life, has become one of the key technologies of power battery production. In addition to welding parts of the power battery is more, because of many new energy automobile models on the market, and the battery manufacturing technology of different reasons, such as supporting the battery size are different. Assembly of the size of power battery is not regulated, and single capacity is different also, for the battery enterprise's production and manufacturing, the truck has a important influence, have more difficulty to the requirement of welding technology. In view of the above power battery welding process problems, the people rise to laser welding technology and automation, intelligent system, build the car lithium electricity flexible production line, able to read the barcode recognition products, in order to complete the automatic extraction of vacuum, laser cleaning welding area, automatic sealing and spot welding and continuous welding and detection precision finish feeding after welding, the welding process, in order to improve the welding quality and efficiency. In the realization of high precision, automation of laser welding at the same time, the people rose laser still continuously introduce new products, more and more advanced laser welding equipment and technology play an important role on lithium electricity flexible production line, including the battery lid laser welding machine, the top note liquid mouth sealing welding machine, flat soft connection laser welding machine, and many other people litres of independent research and development of laser equipment, in the past few years have been devoted to the production and processing of new energy car battery industry. Litres of laser in the future, people will continue to boost power battery performance upgrade, improve the range of sharing the car and increase battery safety, and steadily promote the development of new energy automotive industry progress.
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