Laser welding of plastic materials

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Plastic welding is a kind of high technical content of science and technology, the market at present the requirements of the plastic welding technology and material requirements are relatively high, a slight deviation will lead to the product of the scrap, plastic welding, first of all, on the material requirement is: the upper plastic need to be transparent, the lower the artifacts to absorb the energy of laser, so the general plastic laser welding materials are the upper is ecru, bottom is black. If the lower level is pervious to light material, it needs to be in the welding position and the Clear light absorption agent such as Weld, to absorb the energy emitted by the laser melted the welding place, so as to achieve the effect of the welding. But the process is seldom adopted by manufacturers, because of the high laser absorption agent cost, but also need to add additional absorption agent is a lot of process and equipment, will increase the cost of product, reduce the competitiveness of the market. Plastic welding equipment commonly used laser wavelength is 800 - The transmittance of laser is 1000 nm, and the plastic is very high, can absorb energy does not exceed 15%, visible how low its absorptive capacity of the laser. People rise in laser plastic welding technology, we have a full set of welding processing method, has an in-depth cooperation in many fields. Such as: automotive industry, sensor encapsulation, micron technology, electronics, welding, etc. People liters laser welding has a very strong technical strength and rich experience, can according to the actual situation of the customer to provide the best solution to our customers. This device can realize high efficiency, high precision, high reliability and high quality automatic welding, can put by manual operation, not only can integrate with semi-automatic and fully automatic welding assembly line. And equipment with high strength safety protection function, prevent laser damage to human body. Laser plastic welding can be welding, for a variety of materials such as ABS, PS, PP, PC, PA, PMMA, PBT, etc. , the welding strength of the base can match.
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