Laser welding machine will play a huge role in the field of more and more

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
With the rapid development of laser technology, laser equipment has been widely used in all walks of life. Such as laser welding machine in the aviation, machinery, electronics, communications, power, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, etc, and mobile communications, electronics, clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry accessories, craft gifts, machinery, electronics, communications, power, chemical industry, water bottle, vacuum flask, sensors, tungsten wire, high power diode ( Triode) , aluminum alloy, laptop case, cell phone batteries, door handles, mold, electrical accessories, filter, nozzle, stainless steel products, golf head, zinc alloy products are useful to the laser welding machine. Why the laser welding machine is so popular? The people rise laser small make up explain for everybody. Laser welding machine has weld width is small compared with the traditional welding technology, deep wide than high, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, welding seam smooth, beautiful and other obvious advantages. And laser welding machine also has many kinds, its performance is different, different kinds of processing of materials are changed. Laser welding machine can be divided into the optical fiber laser welding machine, the galvanometer laser welding machine, four axis linkage laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine and so on. Today said the first fiber laser welding machines, laser cavity fiber laser welding machine does not need to make any adjustments, beam quality is by the physical properties of the fiber specification. Fiber laser has the following characteristics: the volume is very small, between pump sources are used and optical focusing system there is no need to make the adjustment of parts, do not need to make any adjustment, high electro-optical conversion efficiency. Laser welding machine for using high-energy laser pulses to local heating of materials of small area, through the internal diffusion, heat transfer to the material to achieve the purpose of welding. Can, therefore, to the same perfect welding material, welding of dissimilar materials also can achieve perfect effect, no pollution and even make the welding material toughness is more than the raw materials. Laser welding machine in welding material processing has been the affirmation and recognition from all walks of life, and with the development and progress of science and technology, laser welding machine will be in universal coverage of industries of traditional welding way, this is an era of change trend. Laser welding machine of high flexibility, production line can be in the form of mass production, can effectively improve the efficiency of production. Using laser welding machine for welding workpiece, welding smooth mouth, will not bump, so don't need to do a secondary processing and polishing, it also saves subsequent multifarious process, largely reduce the overall cost.
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