Laser technology change came at a time

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Nowadays, materials processing and marketing of high power fiber laser and semiconductor laser is adapting market, blue lasers also found own position in the welding. Before the rapid development of fiber laser making technology are eliminated, and co2 laser, have no way out before the emergence of high power diode laser is affecting the material processing market, but also in the diode pump is used to reduce the cost. In such a game, winning is often low cost, easy to operate, more reliable. Of course they are also a lot of advantages, such as more easily absorbed wavelength, wavelength is more accurate and so on. And is never lack of competition on the market, now the laser cutting machine manufacturers are mostly choose fiber laser, it is proved that the era of co2 has passed, fiber laser is gradually replacing the co2 laser. The advantage of optical fiber laser is very obvious, very skillful, less maintenance, low operating cost, and can greatly improve the production processing enterprises.
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