'Laser nano weidiao necklace' legend trill hot style liao sister artifacts

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
'Laser nano weidiao necklace' legend trill hot style liao sister artifacts recently appeared in the trill above a very hot necklace, what is the necklace, can in a few days time through the national fire, this magic necklace using nanometer sculpture technology will 100 national language 'I love you' carved in the pendant. As long as the use of mobile phones on the necklace lamplight, get all sorts of words we are invisible to the naked eye. And the content of the inside surface presents slowly love, although I love you very much, but I can't say much. When you carefully to see, you will find 100 words I love you. Love is not visible, but enough to transfer the weight of love, can be said to be the ultimate romantic, is really our these single dogs don't don't of abuse. ▼ this necklace isn't a bad every girl would lack a jewelry, especially in the summer, we all wear simple cool, if there is a simple, beautiful necklace to match, can points minutes into a delicate girl. Want to choose necklace to her, not to consider the following it won praise millions of 'memory' of love necklace. Before that there are a lot of people ask me, such a small word, what was carved, when the first customer on-site consulting I was wondering, what exactly with the small font, sculpture entered behind by experts to explain in detail to understand, is to use the original carved into the nanometer laser engraving technology. Behind the nano weidiao understands, laser sculpture is currently a new word, also is a new technology, more commonly used in jewelry and beauty industry. With the progress of science and technology, nanotechnology has been rapidly into their lives, and will play a more important role in the future. Using laser weidiao laser nano sculpture technology features: high technical requirements, it is difficult to grasp the relevant parameters. Play mark font is small, laser microscope are harder to see. Energy is small, so will not produce thermal effect, no trauma, no deformation, so now in the beauty industry started to use. Laser engraving the necklace won't show laser nano carved the necklace of this product is a single dog Gospel, the legendary liao younger sister magic, out of this product is sure to let the beloved person fondle admiringly.
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