Laser marking system for qr code bar code matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-08-23
Along with the development of the era of science and technology rapidly continuously, the development of the Internet is more outstanding, communications equipment software, the application of qr code is more active, qr code of continuous development and innovation, won the social people from all walks of life and businesses alike, are now promote themselves in the form of qr code information of the enterprises, not only in this way, such as: business, shopping, eating, cannot leave the qr code receiving applications, hence, many businesses will your company qr code carved on their products, convenient and subsequent contact with promotion, that how we precision engraving qr code on your product? Development of laser technology, engraving qr code to their own product is not a difficult task, laser marking system for qr code as long as we pay attention to the following matters can smooth the fine carving out the effect of qr code we want! It is well known that laser marking system for bar code, the effect of qr code is clear, character exquisite and delicate, easy to recognize. And in all kinds of materials including plastic, metal, wood, paper, printing qr code, bar code. Don't rub off not easily damaged. The general impression effect can match. At present has been widely used in all walks of life equipment, materials, components, spare parts and supplies. Laser marking system for barcode, qr code has become indispensable in people production and living a practical technology. Laser marking system for qr code bar code, in fact, sometimes we found that when making the qr code bar code is very pure and fresh, but the scanning gun scan, how is read out. This is how to return a responsibility? Below to help you spread a little qr code scanning bar code knowledge: for example: red can only be used to make the impression of qr code bar code, can't be used to make a color. Because the scanning gun is red light, red light irradiation to red yards will produce strong reflection effect, similar exposure to white. The qr code bar code identification requirements are empty reflection, yards of reflection to the weak. So the red reflex strong red is only suitable for short color ( The base of color) , for the color of the code. Qr code bar code is very strict with the regulation of color, and not all colors can be used for printing code. Can short the color has white, yellow, orange, red, the color of the article can do have black, blue, green, dark brown, the color of the other. Know these later, we in the laser marking mechanism as qr code, bar code, as far as possible according to the requirements of the production, sometimes also can take Yin carving method can be solved. These we need to continue to think way, and constantly improve the level of their actual operation.
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