Laser marking machine work environment as well as the matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-07-22
Laser marking machine is a kind of light source to solve industrial processing of laser equipment, is a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment. In order to the normal operation of equipment, stable performance and prolong service life. It is also the use of environmental restrictions. In general, unfavorable in the following situations: 1, the voltage is not stable, have larger rolling conditions unfavorable use laser marking machine. 2, in strong acid alkali environment of laser marking machine is unfavorable use for a long time. 3, to stay away from high voltage and strong magnetic seriously influence the laser marking machine signal transmission equipment. 4, the use of two core power under the environment of unfavorable use laser marking machine, laser marking machine's power supply to use three core power. 5, a common problem: '5 s' seriously inadequate environment, circuit cross, junk clogging and so on, are likely to affect the normal operation of the equipment. People liters laser research and development production of 'non-standard automation' online laser marking machine, include the fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine 'and' ultraviolet laser marking machine 'three big series machines, can satisfy the need of all walks of life, and bracket installation flexibility, can adapt to different water production line. And the series of laser marking function under the condition of bad production keep working stability, meet the demand of all kinds of packaging materials, can the engraved permanently marked identity, is the food, pharmaceutical, medical, automotive, 3 c, electronic components, daily hygiene products, tobacco, smart CARDS, packaging bags, plastic bottles, cable pipe industry such as mark's ideal choice. More information, please pay attention to the people rise homepage, laser marking machine, relevant knowledge, please consult customer service.
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