Laser marking machine to save cable products 'fake' products

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
Laser marking machine to save cable products 'fake' products, the most common information in our daily life, such as printing, production date, food packaging, etc. From the printing and packaging information, we can understand the life of the product, manufacturing sites, food contains ingredients, storage conditions, etc. In the past, most of this information is an inkjet printer. It can be easily erased, cannot play a good anti-counterfeiting effect. Now, most of them are with a laser marking machine. Laser marking is a kind of local irradiation using high energy density of laser on the workpiece, the surface material vaporization or change color, leaving a permanent mark a mark method. Once the spray can no longer be replaced and erase, can better guarantee the quality of the goods, not to provide any illegal suppliers. In today's rapid development of laser technology. The application of laser technology have industry into many fields, it has excellent performance advantages. Using laser marking machine for wire and cable lines also become a kind of process and method, once the corresponding date and batch number is marked on the wire and cable products. The information such as brand, serial number, QR codes, is currently the cable cable is an important part of the anti-counterfeiting products cannot be changed. Can effectively resist some fake and shoddy, string goods traffickers. Effective control of wire and cable market at present, to improve the quality of wire and cable plays an important role. Whole process is controlled by computer software and laser target, not only deal with flexible, and high flexibility. With the rapid development of laser technology, laser marking technology application in the electric wire electric cable has become an unstoppable trend. Especially with the optical fiber laser marking machine and other advanced laser marking equipment, laser marking machine application advantages more apparent in the field of wire and cable. Because of pollution and the use of high cost, the consumption of ink is huge. It is understood that the cost of a medium-sized companies a year to buy ink 4. 5 million even millions. No consumables, and laser marking machine is also relatively low power consumption, in the long run, the absolute benefit is more, so the laser printing machine has gradually from food, beverage and other industries, the development of wire and cable and other industries. Batteries, electronics, plastics, the development of packaging industry.
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