Laser marking machine system software

by:cycjet     2020-07-21
Brief introduction of laser marking machine system software graphic input: direct mapping in the area to enter text, graphics and bar code, such as the system default. plt,. DXF or. BMP file format, the file import system. Opened note: if before unpacking found damaged or found in the installation process packaging machine has damaged, please inform us or our agent need 1 space and environment, and this equipment should be installed in the clean, as large as possible without strong electromagnetic field, the soot or other dirt of the environment, should not be exposed to acid steam or other corrosive gases in 2, laser in the floor or foundation should be flat, solid, there can be no vibration and shock. 3, this equipment must be kept in dry environment. If the environment is too wet, will cause equipment in abnormal discharge short-circuit or high voltage electrical components parts. Moist environment corrosion will also cause some metal parts. 4, this equipment must be placed in a well ventilated environment, equipment and at least 100 mm spacing between around objects. 5, working conditions, environmental temperature 10 - 30 ° C relative humidity & lt; 70% power single-phase 220 v, 50 hz 500 w. equipment shall be of good grounding and grounding resistance less than 4 Ω warning: only by trained personnel for equipment installation and debugging
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