Laser marking machine _ rate times the product of qr code

by:cycjet     2020-07-26
Nowadays is the information age, go out to carry a cell phone, a qr code sweep the world. Don't have to worry about go out didn't take money, so qr code from the darling of the new era, today's qr code contains the information is very broad, and safe and reliable, easy to use, and can carry more information. Traditional barcode, string, gradually replaced by a qr code, the use of qr code whether in industry or in real life reality has played a vital role. Qr code in the industry also have the effect of a trace, the address of the manufacturer, production date, shelf-life, materials, etc. , the customer mainly take phone swept away, you know it can effectively prevent the fake and inferior products. Traditional screen printing, publishing qr code or unreliable, because can wipe off, when met the qr code on the laser marking machine to know what is tall, laser marking machine logo graphic is permanent, can't wipe the tampering, and marking out by clear, delicate, beautiful, a target speed, which makes the product look immediately rise several notches. Laser marking machine is very widely used, metal and non-metallic marking, laser marking machine is the material surface by high energy laser beam irradiation, make the material surface gasification forming a graphic, and laser marking machine is a contact, no machine pressure deformation on mechanical parts, consumables, can greatly reduce the labor, material of the enterprise cost, laser marking machine's speed, can realize the mass production. The composition of laser marking machine laser, vibration mirror, industrial computer, software, cabinet of a few big parts, material selection of different laser differs somewhat. Such as: fiber laser is main marking of metal products, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron steel. Co2 laser main processing PCB, cloth, leather. Ultraviolet laser main processing materials such as PET film, PVC, glass, copper foil.
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