Laser marking machine price has been applied in shenzhen is introduced

by:cycjet     2020-07-28
In recent years, shenzhen laser marking machine industry in the industrial laser application is more and more widely, in the face of the different needs of different products on the market on the demand, hence the respective kinds of laser marking machine, we collectively known as the laser marking machine, it can also call it the laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine, laser carving machine and so on. Everyone at the time of buying equipment, although the same name, the same name, but different price. So when the choose and buy equipment, especially laser equipment can not only listen to the price reason, from the aspects of understanding. Shenzhen laser marking machine what are the common types? By people liters laser below small make up to explain the shenzhen category and function of the laser marking machine. Now with the rapid development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people gradually to the requirement of processing technology requires more beautifully, especially now that the gift industry, not only need to be applied to a variety of materials, and process complex high technical content, also need to work fine with appreciation and practical application value, so as to effectively improve product added value to increase the competitiveness of the market, to form distinctive products. Use the laser processing now are not the traditional sculpture, laser processing is the use of laser material processing, the melting of the under the action of the laser energy density, moment and gasification machining surfaces, leaving a permanent id. Shenzhen laser marking machine is able to achieve both in English and Chinese words, Numbers, time, date, bar code, the qr code, serial number, etc. Can achieve arbitrary graphics, text, Numbers, and mixed one-time finish marking. Hardness is no requirements for metal parts, high and low are marking, no pollution for the materials no deformation and no voice marking work, is the true sense of environmental protection product. Laser marking machine has unique advantages in the hardware industry tag information hardware products mainly include all kinds of text, serial number, product number, bar code, the qr code, production date, and product identification pattern, etc. , in the past, most of us use the processing means such as printing, machinery, electric spark. But using the traditional machining method, to some extent, can cause the surface of the metal products mechanical extrusion, more serious even can cause the tag information loss. As the laser industry increasingly fierce competition, the customer when the choice should not only pay attention to the quality of the products with the qualification of the enterprise, at the same time should be more detailed know laser marking machine service provided by the company. Such as whether the company would send staff on-site installation, and in a very short period of time to complete the commissioning work. After installation and debugging, whether to have the company's staff provide free professional guidance, to ensure that the operating personnel familiar with the operations as soon as possible. If there is a whole machine warranty service choice of equipment. People liters laser will unswervingly committed to their own professional, leading technology, production standardization and management modernization construction, to create a long vitality of its own national brand, through our excellent technology innovation and service, help customers succeed, to create value model, build industrial laser equipment industry service brand, so as to realize sustainable development.
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