Laser marking machine power to food safety, the government will implement the industry limited illegal punishment to the people

by:cycjet     2020-07-25
Laser marking machine power to food safety, food safety is always our top priority, because of plenty of food safety accident, each year on January 26, 2018, according to the food and drug supervision bureau website the food and drug supervision bureau, the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued 'on the increase in food and drug safety law enforcement strictly implement the provisions of the food and drug crime punishment to the people'. The provisions, the individual engaged in illegal activities need personal legal liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law, units engaged in illegal activities, in addition to the unit for punishment, and shall be investigated for who is directly responsible for the responsibility of the person in charge and other persons directly responsible. Of illegal units directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible personnel the implementation of a certain period of time restrictions. Requires the regulator to strictly implement the central about food safety 'four most strict' requirements, to fully understand the importance of the food and drug safety, threat, punch, further intensify punishment for violations of the law, make sure the public diet drug safety, strictly implement the natural person legal responsibility. Regulations also made clear that type is responsibility to strictly investigated and found illegal behaviors such as endangering public security, production, sales and shoddy products, sales, production of fake drugs, production and sales of substandard food or unqualified harmful food, production and sales of medical apparatus and instruments, production and sales of substandard cosmetics, illegal operations, providing false certificates, and so on will be investigated for criminal liability. If the circumstances are serious but does not constitute a perpetrator will impose a 5 - 15 detained, in violation of the amount of more than 2 w, violating behavior persists for more than 3 months cause foodborne diseases and deaths, or more than 30 people foodborne disease but not present deaths, etc will be severely punished. In addition, to strengthen supervision. The food and drug supervision and administration departments, public security organs should actively take effective measures to strengthen the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice and administrative detention of cohesion, to ensure the food and drug violations 'punishment to the people' measures to implement. The food and drug supervision and administration department, the public security organs should strengthen the supervision and inspection, key check whether the penalty for a natural person in place, the relevant administrative penalties information is public, involves whether the other functions and duties in accordance with the provisions, transfer, etc. The above measures are a warning means, how to put an end to this kind of unqualified food drugs? Laser marking machine, laser marking can shape traces the source system, traces the source on the product is a qr code, just like our personal id card. People use their phones to sweep can know the products of all kinds of information, such as the production address, produces the information such as time, date of sales way, with good quality. So, can effectively prevent the inflow of unqualified products. And a laser mark mark is permanent and indelible mark pattern is clear.
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