Laser marking machine operation process

by:cycjet     2020-07-22
Laser marking machine operation process for laser marking vendors would the professional training of technical personnel, today give you a simple introduction of laser marking machine operation process and process, the first step we need to open the laser marking machine, the following points: 1, the first choice before you open laser marking machine for laser marking equipment inspection; 2, check the marking machine's power supply cord, the connection is correct and reliable; 3, check after insert the key switch, clockwise rotate for 90 o to the 'on' position, through to the total power. The power indicator; 4, confirm the laser button button mushrooms ( Urgent stop switch) In the press state; 5, open the computer monitor, computer mainframe power switch; 6, along the direction of arrow rotation red mushroom button button, make it bounces, you can turn on the laser power, laser head start after about 1 minute to complete; 7, remove the vibrating mirror lens cap; At this point, laser marking machine is open, can accept the operator command for marking operation; 8, when we enter the marking operation, double click on the first point marking program icon, enter the program, select marking file, double-click the content in the date, time changes, click on the confirmation, modification is complete; 9, laser marking test and print position, placed on a table or production line, and marking the workpiece heights equal test ( A good choice by marking artifacts for test) Did steadier, and confirm the test pieces; By manipulating the marking control software for marking. To make the marking effect is better, can adjust the following steps:. By adjusting the bald lifting device to adjust the focal length; 。 In marking software adjusting parameters such as power, marking speed; 。 Into the software, double-click the date printing, use the mouse to drag the up and down, will be printed to the appropriate location. 。 After completing the above steps can be print test. 。 After test and correct marking on the artifact. 10, then equipment shutdown, after completion of production tasks, shut down the laser marking machine operation steps are as follows:. Press the red button button mushrooms ( Urgent stop switch) Cut off the laser power supply; 。 Determined to industrial PC not run any software, the normal exit, turn it off; 。 Counterclockwise key switch 90 ° to the 'off' position, the close marking machine total power, the power indicator light goes out; 。 Remove the key, have special custody, arrange another time to use; 。 Cover the lens cap, so in order to be complete. In addition, laser marking machine contains ( Optical fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, non-standard automation laser marking machine) In addition to the non-standard automated laser marking conversion, optical fiber, ultraviolet, co2 laser marking machine operation process is the same basic operations. Optical fiber laser marking machine
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