Laser marking machine on the anti-counterfeit marking the people rise laser

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
Nowadays there are various anti-counterfeiting mark, have a qr code, bar code, digital coding, and so on, they all have one thing in common, that is all is the use of optical fiber laser marking machine for identification. Optical fiber laser marking machine is now common industrial processing market has been a kind of equipment. Because of its more extensive range of applicable materials and metal and non-metallic metal marking, fiber laser marking machine is a new type of laser engraving technology, a mark by delicate, beautiful, fine lines, can be up to micron level. Product identification and laser marking machine mark is permanent, not wipe, will not fade, all will not change, it is hard to fake. Whether it is a great work or a small workpiece, fiber laser marking machine can easily finish, play mark effect is delicate and beautiful, and the optical fiber laser marking machine is to use the non-contact processing way, so don't press machine damage on product artifacts. Optical fiber laser marking machine marking out the graphic does not vary with time passing away, leading to the logo itself has certain anti-counterfeit effect, laser marking machine is a combination of computer and mechanical equipment, all operations are using a computer, simple and convenient operation, graphic style can change, no mold, customers can design freely according to own hobby font. There is no consumables, zero pollution, no noise, no maintenance, long service life, which can realize the advantages of the production line, can significantly improve enterprise production efficiency to reduce the overall cost.
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