Laser marking machine of several major faults and processing points: it works

by:cycjet     2020-07-22
Mechanical equipment with long time affirmation is to have a wide range of issues, there are big and small. Some small problem is easy to solve, but is likely to equipment is not very understanding, can't find the reason, then it can only go to produce manufacturer to call someone to repair, as delay time, and delay the production efficiency. Such a long word, will cost to repair a may be a problem for a few minutes. People liters laser below small make up to popularize the laser marking machine to you everyday a few problems that may occur. 1. The basic equipment failure, 2. Light problems, 3. Laser strength problems, 4. The galvanometer problem. 5. Galvanometer jitter with sound equipment fault: the basic board, switch board. Three gear drive ON, OFF, RUN the wrong choice, the signal ON the board and drive the attachment open circuit, replace or welding good again. Krypton lamp is good or bad, if broken krypton lamp switch, check whether there is a computer control system, or computer, the stand or fall of laser power, laser power supply switch. Q drive is good or bad, changing the Q drive. Switch is bad, change the Q switch. Laser marking machine of several major faults and processing points: very useful light problem: boot sequence errors may result in equipment for the light, in the right way is: the total power - A computer - - marking software Cold water machine - Q drive - Laser power supply - After waiting for the READY light on excitation power - Press the RUN key to start. . . Vibrating mirror the power switch, the shutdown is the reverse order. Q drive ON and OFF switch is wrong, the RUN gear, the board, check to see if the card is damaged, Q switch, normally for marking the glow, not Q switch to lock the laser marking. Computer or operating system problem, Q drive is bad, changing the Q drive. Q switch is bad, change the Q switch ( This kind of situation is less, in general the Q switch is broken, Q will drive alarm) 。 Laser strength problem: there is no method to select the CW, light is weak, so want to choose the CW method. Q drive gear is wrong, right yes M1. Focal length is wrong, the water temperature is too high, krypton lamp aging, laser equipment above all sorts of lens is dirty or have chafed. Cavity, total reflection mirror, half mirror and beam expander is not good, not to play in the center of the galvanometer laser, or vibrating mirror lens scratches, etc. These problems may result in weak light. Vibrating mirror problem: software parameter is zero, will cause the galvanometer, need to adjust the parameters. Check to see if the card board is damaged, the galvanometer signal lines open, galvanometer is damaged, the computer control system whether there is a fault. Galvanometer jitter has sound: the bottom line is not good, the card is damaged, guan laser power supply, the Q drive, contact with your hand lightly in the vibrating mirror lenses if you shake or to a galvanometer is screaming, if block out, open the laser power supply and Q drive them one by one, is to determine the laser power or Q drive. More than just the people up small make up summary for everyone of laser marking machine of five basic troubleshooting problems, people liters laser focus laser equipment research and development production, several ten years of experience in research and development, has its own laboratory, has a group of professional optical, electrical and electronic and precision machinery of professional scientific research personnel. Is a commitment to global customers with laser equipment and laser intelligent solution of high and new technology enterprise.
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