Laser marking machine need to know what item of choose and buy the people rise laser

by:cycjet     2020-07-10
Laser marking machine equipment is now an essential machine processing and manufacturing industry, today's laser marking machine market price confusion, from more than ten thousand to have the similar, this make the first purchase of laser marking machine equipment manufacturers puzzled, don't know how to choose, and there are many types of laser marking machine, more do not know to choose what kind of laser marking machine equipment is appropriate. The enterprise how to choose to suit oneself of laser marking machine equipment? Today people liters laser small make up take you to understand, we must first preliminary understanding about the laser marking machine is a kind of equipment, laser marking machine is made by high energy laser beam irradiation on the surface of workpiece, resulting in a chemical reaction, leave a permanent mark. There are many types of laser marking machine, according to different material, different types of laser marking machine. All our next is to understand the material properties of its own, the size of the workpiece, the scope of the need to identify the scope of the size, number of processing, and production need to determine what kind of laser marking machine, need how many, what kind of machine equipment, as well as the configuration of the need to make marking width size, this is beneficial for subsequent reference standard in the process of choose and buy. When buying equipment, we will first of relevant technical personnel detailed consultation, if need special customized also need professional and technical personnel to the scene to observe and to customize a set of feasible technology solutions, you can also take enterprise's product material to purchase laser equipment manufacturer for the proofing effect. Laser equipment with the continuous development of science and technology, laser marking machine as the advanced laser marking machine equipment, it can help enterprises to improve production efficiency and quality, but there is one problem is that as the market growing demand for laser marking machine equipment, large and small laser equipment companies too much, so how to choose the laser marking machine company to purchase inexpensive laser equipment? There have any skills? Laser marking machine has several kinds of commonly used: fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, laser sculpture machine and so on. Optical fiber laser marking machine, mainly for metal processing industry, there are also many non-metallic can also for marking, but need to go through sample. Uv laser marking machine, mainly for plastic processing, PC, glass and other industries. Co2 laser marking machine, mainly for paper products, such as wood processing industry. Nanometer laser sculpture machine: mainly for plating glass as private ordering. Preliminary concluded that enterprises can refer to this standard to the choose and buy that kind of laser marking machine equipment, the procurement of the laser marking machine, the quality of the equipment is on the other hand, there is another important aspect, that is the problem after, machinery and equipment no one can guarantee won't appear a little problem, is like your car again and there will be a problem, then the importance of after-sales service will show up. A company's qualification and the scale of the company is also very important, the purchase of equipment and can't just stare at the price, about the company's relevant license, gin, engineer certificate should understand customers, such as the qualifications for a company to understand the most simple way. Laser equipment in the fierce competition in the industry today, the customer when the choose and buy of laser marking machine equipment, the quality of the equipment, enterprise qualification, market reputation has been the company's after-sales service is important to consider, such as purchase equipment is sent after the door installation training, equipment failure in the long time to send someone to the scene to solve equipment failure problems, equipment warranty range, etc. Shenzhen people rise is a commitment to the global users with laser equipment and laser intelligent solutions high-tech enterprises, has been 11 years research and development production and sales experience, can perfect solve your all kinds of marking problem, stand in the perspective of the customer to provide cost-effective laser equipment manufacturer.
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