Laser marking machine is widely applied and routine maintenance

by:cycjet     2020-07-23
Laser marking machine, as the name implies, is the use of high energy laser beam, in need of different substances on the surface, lay a permanent doesn't fade mark, to the marking, should reflect permanent commonly, this is only available with a laser marking perfect effect, the technology can use laser print out a beautiful design, logo, like a commodity can also be fine words. At present, has been applied more marking machine mainly CO2 laser, semiconductor laser, optical fiber laser and YAG laser marking machine varieties or categories, such as laser marking machine is mainly by the user in those with fine and precision requirements of the occasion, such as electronics, integrated circuit industry or industry, but the precision instruments, clocks and watches glasses and jewelry processing industry is also very widely used. , however, no amount of laser marking machine models, but the market can be laser marking machine model of the common group or CO2 laser marking machine and YAG laser marking machine, but also the common models in the face of the challenge, users convenient use and high performance of laser marking machine, laser marking machine performance requirements is higher, they like to laser marking machine integration design, strive to a smaller volume, lower energy consumption, long service life, and must be able to save the user supplies. Though laser technology development in our country started relatively late compared with other developed countries in the world, but is developing very quickly, in terms of current development status, whether from the laser equipment production quantity, or product quality, with the world in almost all synchronization class. Americans advocate innovation, applies laser equipment industry, the technology of optics, precision machinery and electronic technology developing quickly, this will give update provides a solid laser equipment improvement, the development of laser technology, always attaches great importance to by the state and the department of science and technology, the country and established a dedicated laser institute, and support to develop the new laser technology in our country. Land in our country, then some laser technology research and development center, state key laboratory of laser technology, laser technology laboratory, national engineering research center for laser light and ultraviolet excitation laser marking machine production, such as organization are established, and as soon as possible to laser technology research and development rapidly into results, realize the independent innovation of laser technology products industry in China, countries in science and technology research projects, the same treatment laser technology and optoelectronic technology, included in the 'seventh research program of science and technology, and laser technology civilian turned to military research and development, so far, the laser technology has been with the world is synchronous development of our country, so the user innovation laser marking machine, is not too high requirements, laser industry will be in the short term, upgrading of the laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is not belong to heavy laser equipment, but its use is widespread, some modern products, light industrial products, and heavy industry products, all need laser marking machine to marking of products, such as trademark, in order to implement special label for products, the most typical is the automobile manufacturing industry, there are a lot of products labeled need marking machine to mark. Optical fiber laser marking machine has high precision and efficiency of optical fiber laser marking machine this requests us to daily use process weeks pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, mainly include:. ( 1) Regular cleaning fan in the accumulation of dust, the blade to wipe clean. ( 2) Always check whether each part and screw fastening, be replaced when necessary, to ensure the smooth running of marking machine. ( 3) Before you start work every day will be carved on the lenses with special paper in accordance with the provisions, wipe up, and then check whether the light path in the right position, avoid to use because of the lens in the process of pollution and light offset and produce error. Optical fiber laser marking machine is one of the world in terms of product one of the most advanced equipment, the integrating multiple disciplines theory of efficient labeling machine is more and more widely, the application scope of some experts believe that China's domestic marking industry is developing fast, automatic marking equipment by the merchants and enterprises more and more seriously, it brings convenient and efficient is immeasurable, in the future market competition, fiber laser marking machine to create a new situation of the application. Shenzhen citizen laser technology co. , LTD. 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