Laser marking machine in the mobile electronics industry development prospects

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
Laser marking machine marking technology unceasing development, has now been applied to many professional product marking down, mobile phones, electronics, automobile manufacturing is not exceptional also, liters laser small make up today's people to know we are OPPO populist mobile phones, for example explanation under the laser marking machine, the OPPO launch from OPPOR9, R7, R11, recent R11splus. OPPO every parts basically all products are laser marking machine processing, such as in R9, R11 following from internal, IC, conductive metal, has a unique qr code has a signet, imitation imitation do prevent fake products. OPPO, ViVO, as we all know, the back of the mobile phone has a yield, and a string of number in black font, at first glance, feel similar with ink printing up. But in fact neither ink printing, also not be silk screen. Yes, this is also the laser mark, oppo mobile phone shell is aluminum magnesium alloy materials. A mobile phone, the shadow is filled with a laser target, such as: Logo marking, mobile phone shell, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone accessories, marking, etc. , and even in the mobile phone inside, you can't see also have parts laser marking. Domestic traditional methods are using the screen printing on the surface of printing, screen printing ink, heavy, not beautiful, difficult with color, the printing effect is not very good, and screen printing using ink component is the heavy metal elements, with the attention of environmental protection, now a lot of businesses are specified using the new technology of low carbon environmental protection, cell phone this permanent symbol method using laser marking equipment, can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, also can add additional value, make the product look higher, have more sense of brand. With the s unceasing development, the demand of the stores to use more active, the screen printing process gradually replaced by a laser marking machine, laser marking, as a kind of modern precision machining method, score and screen printing, printing, machinery, electrical discharge machining and so on the traditional processing methods, has incomparable advantages. Laser marking machine has no protection, high flexibility, low loss amount, reliability, advanced features, especially suitable for precision, the scope of the depth and high gloss requirement is not only an apple mobile phone, samsung mobile phones, many sunny on the symbol has strict requirements in particular, to reach the best effect to show to the customer! Represented by mobile personal electronics is greatly changed and people consumption, flexible function, security, intelligent and beautiful is the direction of the mobile phone in. Follows the technical progress of microelectronics industry development and the people seeking personalized mobile phones, non-standard automatic motors laser marking machining technology is playing a more and more important effect in the mobile phone production. At the same time, laser technology in promoting other microelectronics make relevant professional conduct. Shenzhen people rise from laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine is also more and more used in mobile phones and other precision marking processing plant professional requirements.
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