Laser marking machine in the identity of the above application of IC chips

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
'' IC' may be a lot of people don't know its purpose, IC chip is not indispensable things in an electronic products, all over the country, large and small electronics factory. Chips which are need to do logo, which will need to use laser marking machine, you can imagine how many IC chip, a laser mark, now pay attention to the environmental protection production, and products to do identify permanent, security, and so on, the laser marking machine is preferred. Now more and more of the IC chip manufacturers choose to use laser marking machine to identified, IC chip, can integrate a variety of electronic components on silica gel plate to form circuit, so as to realize certain functions, and to distinguish the chip, you need to do some markers, such as Numbers, letters, conform to, and the area of the chip is very small, identification of the demand is higher, then on the market can meet this requirement will only use the laser marking machine. Can spot very fine laser marking machine, carved out a permanent identification, identify the character of delicate and beautiful, and won't hurt the function of the chip properties, and the raising of the laser IC automatic laser marking machine adopts modular structure design, reconfigurable design, can achieve mass production quickly, can be compatible with a variety of different specifications of the products. To realize laser automatic marking precision guarantee of IC chips, on the basis of mechanical positioning, combined with digital image processing system, image processing card as the core of multi-axis motion control card to control motor system with DSP card control the galvanometer scanning laser marking technology, realize high precision IC chip, a laser target, high speed requirements. To complete the automatic laser marking system of IC chip joint debugging and commissioning, according to different IC chip products, optimize the control parameters, satisfying the requirements of equipment design and IC chip precision of laser marking requirements. Development, laser automatic marking control software using object oriented programming method based on visual man-machine interface, integration with laser, image processing system and motion control system operation.
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