Laser marking machine in the application of electronic product LOGO information

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
Laser marking machine application in electronic product LOGO information laser LOGO marking nowadays in the use of special high electronic industry, such as: mobile phone, tablets, on the back of the serial Numbers, symbols, manufacturer, type, LOGO and other information are identified by laser marking. Why choose to use laser marking to identify these information? A laser target identification is delicate, beautiful, and there is no the non-contact laser marking machine adopts processing way, won't produce machine pressure deformation of product, and a laser target identification is permanent, not wipe, will not fade, no pollution, no noise, can effectively improve the efficiency of production, reduce the cost of the overall. Compared with the traditional screen printing, mimeograph, want to, screen printing and mimeograph taste heavy, not beautiful, easy to fade, has much pollution on the environment, and process trouble, a delicate and beautiful brand identity, can enhance the grade of the brand, recognition, nice and unique brand identity can always impressive. And laser marking machine USES is unibody design, the size of the equipment is small, do not take a place. Equipment performance is stable, can be a forming, can realize assembly line production, can also be effective anti-counterfeiting effect. This is why the laser marking machine are so popular in the electronic industry.
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