Laser marking machine in qr code applications

by:cycjet     2020-08-21
Laser marking machine in qr code application of mobile Internet shopping payment have been fully integrated into our life, go out only need to bring mobile phones can walk all over the world, and the premise of payment requires a qr code, now a qr code is ubiquitous in our lives, not just pay would use the qr code is used for shopping, also began to use the qr code on a lot of products, products used to record all kinds of information, also can have very good anti-counterfeiting, retroactive effect, control the flow of products and to prevent channeling goods, and so on and so forth. Now in many manufacturing set up their own product traceability and sales management system, because the traditional way of inkjet, screen printing and so on have been unable to meet the demand of the market, the qr code laser marking machine market demand increases, the emergence of the qr code laser marking machine brought our life a better experience and convenient. Laser marking machine and laser marking qr code sample, the application of a larger group that is 3 c electronics field, now the masses needs not only performance but also purchasing goods, also need to have a delicate, beautiful appearance, today's smart phone market competition is very fierce, if can't meet the requirements of customer expectation, it is certainly not live. So the quality control is very strict, from small electronic components to the mobile phone shell, will use laser marking machine to mark, generate back yards. Qr code laser marking logo laser marking machine is a non-contact processing, so will not produce machine to product pressure deformation or other damage, is basically no consumables, and there's no need to mold, computer control software, simple, convenient and easy to operate, and laser marking machine is no pollution, no noise environmental protection equipment, marking out the graphic exquisite, beautiful, permanent. A small qr code can carry large amounts of information, is the basis of product traceability, not a product has its different qr code, just like people's id card, only one per person, so it is with the qr code, this can effectively prevent counterfeiting, channeling goods, inventory and other issues, laser marking function to realize assembly line production, a target speed, high efficiency, is now making the processing industry of choice.
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