Laser marking machine in mobile phone industry are applied in those parts?

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
From the previous letter reached for today's mobile communications, interpersonal communication is inseparable from the mobile phone, mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our life, is to go out now can forget everything just can't forget to bring mobile phone, how much is the mobile phone market, as the growth of the mobile phone market, has been on the market all kinds of mobile phone brands and styles, which is not only a practical good, also need to beautiful, delicate, grade, which will need to talk about logo laser marking machine processing industry upstarts. Laser marking machine adopts unibody design, small size, stable performance and maintenance free, permanent, logo graphic wipes out, also won't fade because of the high and low temperature, high cost performance, from the market point of view, this is the first choice of electronic processing industry. So what are the mobile phone accessories will use to the laser marking machine to identify the graphic? 1, mobile phone metal metal carapace back shell carved above will need to phone LOGO, product model, company name, mobile phone code, and so on, also some to make checker and wire drawing effect, the need to use to the people rose uv laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine carving of fine lines, beautiful and delicate, look very grade, can also direct marking graphic on mobile phone back shell of various kinds of personality. Following from laser marking sample 2, mobile phone charger, headphones, mobile phone charger needs to use LOGO on the note, voltage size, as well as a variety of identity, the above need to engraving the LOGO, and headsets. Charging head laser marking sample 3, mobile phone batteries, cell phone chip batteries need to be in the above engraving LOGO, product information, production date, batch number, bar code and qr code, serial number, etc. , on the chip need label production date, serial number, chip no. , etc. Mobile phone accessories laser marking sample if you have any other special requirements, can take the samples directly to the people liters laser marking machine company to proceed with the sample, or mail can also, people rises laser has a variety of models, can satisfy the different needs of customers, such as: uv laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, a portable laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, assembly line laser marking machine, laser machine, laser nano weidiao machine, qr code marking machine, metal laser marking machine, etc.
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