Laser marking machine in electroplating industry are the advantages?

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
Now laser equipment used also to more widely, the combination of laser technology and computer technology for the processing industry are of great development. Laser marking machine technology has also been a national key support and promote the application of a high and new technology. Laser marking machine technology and advantages in electroplating industry, laser is the emerging of high energy beam electroplating technology, electroplating of microelectronic devices and large scale integrated circuit production and repair is of great significance. At present, laser marking machine in electroplating principle, laser ablation, ion laser deposition, laser jet also in further study, but the technology already in use. Laser equipment now available computer to control the movement of the laser beam path to accomplish the desired pattern. Marking machine in the 1980 s developed a laser jet strengthening new plating technology, laser will strengthen electroplating technology combined with plating solution injection, synchronize the laser with plating solution at the cathode surface, the mass transfer speed considerably more than laser micro mixing caused by mass transfer speed, so as to achieve a high deposition rate. Laser plating is a classical technology combined with modern technology, a typical high energy beam plating technology is an emerging. Marking machine using laser technology can improve the metal deposition rate, increased efficiency, 1000 times when using a continuous laser or pulsed laser irradiation in electroplating in the pool is the cathode surface, not only increase the deposition rate, and can use the computer control of laser trajectory and get the expected complex geometry without shielding coating. Marking machine, compared with common electroplating marking machine its advantage is: the deposition speed, such as laser gold-plated can reach 1 mu m/s, laser copper plating can be up to 10 mu m/s, laser jet plating can reach 12 mu m/s, marking machines, laser jet copper plating can reach 50 mu m/s. Metal deposition occurs only in the region of the laser, can get the local deposition coating without using shielding measures, so as to simplify the production process, easy to realize automatic control, saving precious metal. Save investment in equipment and processing time. Identification of marking machine industry has been related to our life, but the traditional identification in the process of industrial production and processing can cause some waste materials, and the problem of pollution. That run counter to the contemporary social trend of green environmental protection, our country has been energetically advocated in the path of sustainable development, which creates a traditional the identity of the industry and the many contradictions of the society. The emergence of laser marking machine promoted the identification industry on the path of the sustainable development of green environmental protection. 1 laser marking machine, marking machine, without material pollution, avoid the spurt the code machine ink, the use of solvent to spurt the code machine, rejected the pollution from the source. Laser marking machine technology applied on the industry at home and abroad at present is taken seriously by people gradually, all kinds of new type of marking system emerge in endlessly, it by its unique advantage is replacing the traditional method of marking. According to incomplete statistics, at present in the total sales of the global system for laser processing, laser marking machine after laser cutting machine, accounts for the second. In recent years, close to the laser cutting machine sales, accounts for about a third of the total. And our country, on the other hand, sales of laser marking machine have been accounted for more than 50% of the domestic laser processing sales, commonly used include CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine series, occupied the domestic market on a wide range, and greatly expand the application of industrial field, can say, application more widely than abroad. Are the industry application, electronic industry, automobile industry, tools, measuring tool, aerospace, instrumentation, packaging industry, medical products, household appliances, keyboards, panels, advertising signs, id CARDS, daily necessities, jewelry, diamond, etc. Tag object can be all kinds of metal and non-metal materials. This is a kind of change trend of times development, and can't be eliminated is necessary to keep up with the rhythm of The Times change. People litres of laser in the laser equipment industry for decades, have a professional r&d team, perfect after-sales service, shenzhen people liters laser is worthy of your trust, hotline: 18569473893
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