Laser marking machine how to build a world fashion clothes

by:cycjet     2020-07-23
Clothing has always been very seriously in our life, with a decent clothes can let a person look one hundred times spirit, beautiful and colorful. Shenzhen's summer is very hot, in summer fashion clothing market will enter a new round of fighting again, how to make the company's clothing sales? This is your clothing bosses worry. Want to have a corner on the market today, then need to innovate, the bosses must not miss this laser marking machine, next, the people rose explain the laser marking machine laser small make up to you how to create a world fashion clothes. Scope of application of laser marking machine is very extensive, metal and nonmetal materials are able to do marking. Special fast and hit target, marking surface beautiful delicate, smooth, no pollution, can rapid cooling, the deformation of the non-metallic materials will not cause any signs of burning. And there is no consumables, can realize the mass production, not only can effectively for the enterprise to save the cost of all kinds of artificial materials, also can improve the efficiency of production. Before the traditional clothing technology are gourd, embossing, scratch, etc. , not only the efficiency is low, and not environmental protection, pollution is bigger, also bad for employees' physical and mental health. And laser marking can laser marking in leather, fabric design, decorative pattern. Optical fiber laser marking machine in this advantage is very obvious, the first processing environment clean, no noise, because it is a computer operation, use do not need to die, pattern can follow change, playing the underlying pattern clear, stereo sense is strong, and so on. Laser marking is suitable for use of company: textile fabric finishing processing, deep processing factory, garment fabrics clothing factory, fabirc and processing plant. Laser marking machine is made by high energy laser beam to the surface of the fabric dye for gasification of its surface in the cloth to produce all kinds of graphic, and laser marking out the graphic is permanent colorfast. Laser marking machine in the leather industry is also very popular, laser marking function in all kinds of leather products carved, hollow out all kinds of graphic, simple operation, it will hurt, leather, and use the leather products factory bosses are very like.
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