Laser marking machine hardware structure is briefly

by:cycjet     2020-07-22
The hardware structure of laser marking machine. Equipment connected tutu for equipment connection diagram note: connect the devices according to the figure 4 way good to boot, the device will not work properly. Host structure in host figure host is mainly composed of galvanometer, laser, laser power, the galvanometer power of several parts, such as warning: the host has high voltage, internal amateurs are strictly prohibited to remove the galvanometer in the galvanometer laser host appearance figure figure in the graph is its internal structure, motor driver board as the core parts of the galvanometer scanning is its role is to make the laser beam scanning along the designed trajectory according to the software instructions. The components are driven by motor, board, reflective lenses and the institution of mechanical parts. Note: the vibration lens is very sophisticated devices, external impact to the normal use of equipment not. Warning: reflective lenses is precision optics, forbidden by hand or other objects as damp, filthy and hard brush touch lens surface, otherwise will cause the lens damage, lead to equipment can't normal use.
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