Laser marking machine for the modern open up more areas

by:cycjet     2020-07-25
Why the laser marking technology so important? Laser marking machine technology applied on the industry at home and abroad at present is taken seriously by people gradually, all kinds of new type of marking system emerge in endlessly, it by its unique advantage is replacing the traditional method of marking. International industrial processes of the technology in some developed countries have craft standard, also attaches great importance to this technology in our country, the national science and technology commission has classified the technology weaving torch plan 'for development and promotion. Now it has caused more and more domestic manufacturers, will replace the traditional marker technology, inject new vitality to the products manufacturing. Laser marking machine technology has been the national key support and promote the application of a high and new technology, especially the government emphasis on the revitalization of manufacturing industry, it creates opportunities for laser processing technology application. In the state formulates plans for the development of long forwards, and laser marking machine as a key support technology, because it involves national security, national defense construction, high-tech industrialization and the development of the frontier of science and technology. 1, laser marking machine is a new technology in recent years, with the improvement of sustainability and practicability of the laser, with the rapid development of computer technology and improvement of the optics, promoted the development of laser marking technology. Is laser marking machine and laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser heat treatment is applied to the development of new processing technology, through the use of high energy density of laser beam on the target function, make the physical or chemical changes in target surface, thus obtain visible mark way of design, namely high energy laser beam focus on material surface, make the material rapidly vaporized, form, along with laser in material surface regularly moving control of laser open at the same time, the laser beam is specified in the material surface processing into a pattern; Laser marking is a kind of non-contact, no pollution, no wear new tag technology. On the principle of a laser target can be explained, the computer control of high energy density of focused laser beam according to the predetermined trajectory on mechanical parts, electronic components, instruments and meters, etc need to be marked surface of workpiece, the surface material to achieve instant vaporization or chemical change change color, carved with certain depth or color of the text, pattern, etc. , so as to leave a permanent mark on the workpiece surface. 2, laser marking, non-contact permanent marking laser marking is through the use of high energy density of laser beam on the target function, make the physical or chemical changes in target surface, thus obtain visible design way of marking, laser on the surface generated by the tag's strong permanent is its outstanding characteristic. Laser marking machine is also known as ( Laser printer, laser printer, laser marking machine) , is an important application of laser processing principle, the use of the treated laser beams in material surface, light energy instantly converted into heat energy, the surface material instantly melted even gasification, forming a tag. Laser marking technology in recent years, more and more applications in the field of printing, including laser marking can be applied to plastic and rubber, metal, silicon and other materials, laser marking machine easy to operation, as long as know basic computer knowledge, can laser marking machine operation. Such as liters laser tuning Q or MOPA10W equipped with people, 20 w laser pulse fiber laser marking machine, marking machine system of high precision, fast speed, stable performance, configurable can work continuously for a long time of transport work platform ( Can also be installed directly on a customer's production line) And equipped with encoder and sensors, make the production line of continuous dynamic marking more accurately, quickly compared with traditional laser marking machine has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, higher stability, the advantages of easier operation, and compared with traditional ink printing machine has more clean the advantage of low consumption, environmental protection free from contamination tag more permanent anti-fake function. With modern laser engraving to expanding the application field, equipment of laser manufacturing system miniaturization, high efficiency and integration are more demanding. 3 application of laser marking, laser mark technology is one of the application of laser processing large field. Advantage significantly because of a laser target, laser marking can play all kinds of characters, symbols and motifs, characters can from mm to micron size, it has special significance to the products of security, has been widely applied in all walks of life, such as used in electronics, instrumentation, communications equipment, packaging, beverages, battery, sanitary ware, electronic components, integrated circuits ( IC) , electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments clocks and watches, glasses, jewelry accessories, auto parts, machinery manufacturing, plastic buttons, plastic marking, cutting, assembly line of clothing, fabric, marking on the tire surface, also suitable for ceramic color sticker marking, marking the glass surface, for high quality, high efficiency, no pollution and low cost of modern processing production opens up broad prospects.
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