Laser marking machine engraving two-tone reason you know?

by:cycjet     2020-07-23
Laser marking machine engraving two-tone what do you understand? Shenzhen laser marking machine engraving two-tone reason in where? Has the following more than ten years research and development of laser equipment production experience of the shenzhen people liters laser marking machine manufacturers simply describe for you. 1, the lens has a stain or a scratch damage means of settlement: if there is a stain can use cotton swabs and alcohol on the lens, beam expander, focusing mirror scrub, can clean the surface of substance, remember not to wipe the lens with good thing. If lenses have scratches or other damage can only change marking machine. 2, light path deviation solution: if it is way off the light, only need to adjust the light path. 3, other problems: if the equipment of the power supply circuit is too small, can also lead to marking the graphic shades, it needs to enhance the current of the laser power supply, reduce the frequency of marking machine, laser marking function normal operation. Shenzhen laser marking machine engraving speed is very fast, but if filling way is not reasonable, the speed of engraving would have fallen sharply, which requires to adjust parameters, this needs to be decided according to the material of products. Shenzhen laser marking machine applicable scope is very broad, most metals and non-metallic materials can be marking, in metal processing industry, in particular, its superior performance is very outstanding. Nowadays, more and more manufacturers begin to recognize the laser marking machine, laser marking machine in shenzhen is a connoisseur, metal and nonmetal product identification application of BMSC is responsible for the customer, the principle of responsible for yourself, the people rose laser continuously strengthen and improve the quality of the products and services, and constantly develop new products and services. Shenzhen laser marking machine in every industry laser application technology is very mature, tens of thousands of customer cooperation, and can provide customers with free samples of the sample.
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