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Laser marking machine companies respond to the national call and take the road of green environmental protection

Laser marking machine companies respond to the national call and take the road of green environmental protection


Green environmental protection is not only the national requirement, but also the needs of users and the environment. Laser marking machines have more unique advantages of “green and environmental protection” than marking machines from use to maintenance. They do not use consumables, plug and play, low failure rate. Whether it is carbon dioxide or fiber laser tubes, which can mark a variety of materials and different products. No matter what consider the development of the industry or the development of the market, the coding and marking industry should actively respond to the national call for "green and environmental protection".

CYCJET has been engaged in imported laser marking machines for many years, has rich experience in the industry, and has gradually emerged in the industry and occupied an increasingly significant position. CYCJET has always insisted on taking the road of sustainable development and promoting green environmental protection. Therefore, the road of green laser machine is imperative!

With the development of the times, the publicity of the laser marking equipment and the inkjet marking equipment has gradually increased. More users and manufacturers have learned more about the inheritance of laser or inkjet marking machines. CYCJET continues to make adjustments and is determined to be one of the best domestic laser marking machine suppliers, to provide the best marking solutions for more users in various industries, improve product quality, and improve production efficiency. 

1. Avoid contamination and consumables of inkjet marking machines. Because the working principle of the laser marking machine is different from that of ordinary one, it can be used only by plugging in, without the use of printer inks and printer solvents, which solves the problems of ink solvent pollution and harmful to employees from the source. Not only the need for consumable has been effectively avoided, but also the need for repairs and maintenance has also been reduced.

There is no need to replace a series of ink systems such as filters and pipelines. It is easier to optimize the operation and easier to operate and use. It makes employees like to use, willing to accept this new pattern, and with an enthusiastic and positive attitude to work, which has great benefits for improving efficiency and working methods.

2. The environmental protection of the laser machine equipment itself will not produce a lot of pollution source emissions. Without a large amount of capital, the manufacturer can have a long-life marking device, sustainable circular development is also very beneficial to the smooth production of various departments.

The potential risks of flammability and explosion is reduced, which is conducive to safe production. It not only guarantees the health of employees, but also improves the image construction of the enterprise. For the laser machine, such configuration and principle determine that it can play more functions, make more improvements, and truly realize the green laser marking machine, which will benefit more people and make the product better.

3. Reduce incidental pollution of products. From the price analysis, the laser marking machine will not cause subsequent use fees and cost increases. Shanghai Qinjing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. actively provides users in various industries with green printing and digital solutions. The ink attached to the product by the inkjet marking machine is theoretically harmful, but the laser marking machine is different, it uses perfect laser marking, which not only reduces the damage of ink to the human body, but also improves the quality of the product. Healthy and non-polluting foods and beverages are popularized and purchased by consumers. On the other hand, the use of laser marking machines also improves sales capabilities. Strengthening itself is an indispensable requirement for laser printers to take the road of sustainable development.


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