Laser marking machine common faults and adjusting method for common problems

by:cycjet     2020-07-23
Laser marking machine common faults and regulating methods common problems: 1, laser marking machine can't achieve the desired marking depth: taken the laser output power is achieved; Taken the acousto-optic switch off power whether meet the requirements. U light path adjustment is accurate; Whether to end surface on the focal plane; 2, laser marking machine to use after a period of time, the cause of the laser, laser output power decrease: u whether laser resonator changes: fine-tuning cavity before and after lenses, make the output light is best; Taken the whole counter and output whether there is a patch fouling phenomenon; Taken the laser marking machine laser rod due to temperature difference formation on the surface of dewing phenomenon; 3, laser marking machine laser output power is normal, but the laser beam cannot have engraving effect: u adjusting light path system is accurate; Taken the acousto-optic switch can switch effect;
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