Laser marking machine and the contrast between the traditional screen printing and mobile printer

by:cycjet     2020-08-22
Laser marking machine is compared with the traditional screen printing and moving printing machine, laser marking machine using laser beam on the surface of various substances by placing a permanent mark. The effect of tag is through the evaporation of surface material. Exposed deep material, laser marking machine is mainly used for more accurate, more delicate materials. It is used for electronic components, integrated circuit IC, electrical appliances. Mobile communications, hardware products, tools, accessories, precision instruments, glasses watches, jewelry accessories, auto parts, building materials, PVC pipe, plastic keys. Today is the rapid development of science and technology. Constantly emerging of new technology and new science and technology, excellent performance, constantly impact to the traditional processing method, the current processing production, because of the emergence of laser technology. Because of its unique advantages and good performance, widely used, many enterprises has been widely used in many industry. Its unique processing forms for the current processing provides a more creative. People invented liters laser optical fiber laser marking machine marking high accuracy, no contact with machining surfaces, tag, durable, not easy friction, high processing efficiency. Also has the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting. These features are the traditional screen printing and printing machine can not be achieved, but the current screen printing and printing machine can show rich color. Laser marking machine is only to be quickly in the ink to coordinate, so we will from the speed, efficiency, the degree of use, operation difficulty, safety risk. Analysis of laser marking machine product requirements and so on six aspects of comprehensive performance is much better than the traditional screen printing and printing machine. In terms of speed, because the laser is using high energy density laser beam machining directly. Different from the traditional screen printing and printing machine, operating problems. In terms of efficiency, laser processing does not need to consume material, only need to adjust the graphics file can be processed directly. You don't need to worry about the network will be blocked and print graphics will be horizontal. The degree of use is due to the current of the laser marking machine high price and other factors. At present, the traditional screen printing still occupy the main market. In the operation of the difficulty, because of the current laser tag equipment and control technology in combination with the current software. Only through the computer to operate, so don't need to choose like silk screen ink, and then on the screen, you also need to pay attention to the relevant operational details. In use of the safety hazards. Silk screen printing and printing need to consume material, therefore can cause environmental pollution, but also can do some harm to people's health. Processing of high precision laser marking equipment, marking is fluent, wide application scope. Far more than the current screen printing and printing machine market demand is bigger. Therefore, at present the overall performance of the laser marking machine is higher than the traditional screen printing and printing presses, has a broad application prospect. With the development of technology, in particular, the market will be further development of the laser marking equipment.
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