Laser marking machine and bar code printers use matters needing attention

by:cycjet     2020-07-25
Bar code printer belongs to a special kind of stylus printer, its application is very extensive, the normal operation of bar code printer is also very important factors in the individual application link, especially for continuous operation of the production workshop. When the printer problems, the whole production line could be paralyzed, thus cause great losses, but the resulting problems are generally related to the print head, due to the print head is the key part, it is made on the ceramic substrate, the surface coated with a layer of special protective film. Due to its structure, it is strictly prohibited to any hard objects in contact with the surface of the print head, and should be regularly for the print head and clean of roller, so that we can keep the print quality, prolong the service life of the print head, through the professional test, regular reasonable preventive maintenance and low expenses needed for the print head, saving is several times or even more equipment maintenance or renewal fees. Frame code printer, engine code printer, nameplate printer, the sign of code printer series, steel plate printer, laser marking machine code printer is introduced using note: 1, sensors, cleaning and other considerations. 2, sensors, including labeling of ribbon sensor and the sensor, usually 1 - Clean 3 months, the methods such as fan away dust and foreign bodies on the sensor. 3, power supply ground wire: in case due to electrostatic accumulation is overmuch, abnormal voltage fluctuations damage to print head and machine main board. 4, the printer can't charged plug, hot plug is easy to burn out the printer motherboard, plug cable to shut off the power before. 5, the daily maintenance of the printer is directly related to the service life of the print head, such as bad maintenance is easy to shorten the service life of the print head, even damage the print head and machine main board. Now every field processing is applied to laser marking machine, in integrated circuit module, the motor nameplate, the outer surface of the tool even packaged food has Chinese character, English characters, Numbers and marking tags, now in order to improve the production efficiency of the enterprise itself and to guarantee the security performance of the product packaging, laser marking machine has become a production enterprise must purchase the ultraviolet laser marking machine, this is also helps to build enterprise's brand image and the future profit growth for a long time, many enterprises began to also is very worried about laser marking machine is too high the price will be high budget cost, how much is the laser marking machine is determined by what factors? A, CO2 laser marking machine low price suitable for non-metal material marking. Buy what kind of parameters of the laser marking machine and what kind of product has a great relationship, enterprise production if some companies are producing most of the non-metallic materials, such as: organic glass, rubber, crystal, plastic, etc. Nonmetal material, that in most cases can choose CO2 laser marking machine, it is CO2 gas as working substance, filling the discharge tube as a medium, to create the laser discharge tube produces glow discharge when high voltage is applied between the electrodes. Can arouse gas release of high energy laser, thus marking on materials processing, it with CO2 laser tube, the expanded beam focusing optical system and high-speed galvanometer scanning optical fiber laser marking machine as an important equipment, overall minimum power is 300 w, up to 4 kw, the price is relatively low, usually ranging from 20000 to 100000. Two, marking metal material marking machine. If manufacturer for metal products, metal oxide, plastic, glass, etc. , it is can choose to buy YAG laser marking machine, how much is this laser marking machine, it can according to the classification of different forms of a lamp pump YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor side pump laser marking machine, semiconductor side pump laser marking machine, semiconductor side pump laser marking machine is using a wavelength of 808 nm as a semiconductor diode pumped. YAG as medium, make the medium produces 1064 nm of giant pulse laser, electro-optic conversion efficiency is very high, between the application of semiconductor laser marking is the most advanced laser technology, it can be used to marking metal materials and nonmetal materials, applicable to some require very careful, higher precision, have obvious depth requirements of the occasion.
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