Laser marking machine advantage on cost reduction

by:cycjet     2020-07-24
With the development of the society, the life of people more and more high, not blindly only pursues to the requirement of material quality, also consider the material, appearance, etc. And information of the products is particularly important, such as: the date of production, specifications, warranty, bar code, batch number, product name, etc. And how these information on the products marked? That is without identification of mechanical equipment, identification of equipment has a lot of kinds, such as code machine, printing machine, there is a market now more popular laser marking machine, why laser marking machine is more popular? Today we are going to look at. Laser marking machine is easy to operate, the target speed, the graphic can be replaced, environmental protection, clean, free from contamination. Compared to ink more province labor, more cost, more safety, and laser marking machine no late consumables, unlike spurt the code machine need to add ink. Laser marking machine low failure rate, simple maintenance, and laser marking machine target identification clear, fine, can't wipe, and printing logo can wipe the tampered with, so the safety of the laser marking machine is better, can effectively prevent the counterfeit goods etc behavior cause irreparable harm to enterprise credibility, for the development of enterprises play a big help.
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