Laser marking industry non-standard automatic equipment marking process

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Laser marking industry non-standard automatic equipment marking process incoming since 2012, the people l will focus on non-standard automation laser equipment manufacturing, should be customer requirements, the company constantly with the development of non-standard automation research and development production as the leading direction. And development of a number of non-standard automated matching system case, cooperative production with customer. We gradually maturing in the field of automation equipment development. The foundations of the flexibility of non-standard automation equipment laser processing characteristics. Complete automation solutions for the r&d depends on the system integration and integration ability, product craft compatibility, convenient level promotion. Craft planning must prepare response prior to commencement of construction design, craft materials specifications and dimensions, completion of the acceptance form and the cost of machinery. Non-standard automated laser marking equipment advantages: custom selection, solve industry marking on a difficult problem, provide a special laser for a specific industry's high degree of automation equipment, special mechanical, electrical, software interface, it can easily access the client need to match the laser equipment production equipment, production lines, etc. , according to the customer habits, since the production process requirements, the people rose laser can personalization auxiliary function module for the customer, make it more in line with the customer demand production, improve production efficiency. Common form a complete set of non-standard automation system: automatic application system: automatic to material overflow system with the marking system disk is installed on the system automatic cap laser tag workbench capacitance stripe marking system automatic button special laser system reflective film material laser marking system IC products such as automatic laser marking system.
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