Laser marking in the beer industry are identified

by:cycjet     2020-07-26
Beer is now one of the most common drink in daily life, also is one of the oldest human alcohol, beer is a unique flavor of the wine, elegant fragrance, and refreshing with a bitter taste, and the beautiful 'hops', these are the appeal of beer standing, beer mainly barley malt and wheat malt as the main raw materials, combined with hops, after pasting and saccharification liquid, in the fermentation, and beer alcohol content is low, which contain carbon dioxide, is rich in nutrients, it contains many kinds of amino acids, vitamins, low molecular sugar, inorganic salt, and a variety of enzymes. Easy to absorb these nutrients the human body. The low molecular sugar and amino acid in beer is very vulnerable to digest absorb, produce large amounts of heat energy in the body, so often beer known as 'liquid bread'. Beer alcohol content, at least so drink beer not only difficult to intoxicate hurt, instead of a small amount of drink it is good for health. Began to enter China at the end of the 19th century, beer, beer sales in China at that time, the domestic segment of the industry development is slow, many raw materials are imported, developed slowly since 1949 stalls the dependence on imported raw materials. Since 1979, Chinese beer also started by leaps and bounds, and the amount of exports is also very significant. Nowadays domestic segment of the industry and to the peak, and basically every family can useful to beer, drink, or used for cooking. And whether it is a low street, sidewalk snack booth, small restaurant, or in high-grade hotels, entertainment venues, beer is a mainstream of consumption, especially in the economic level of large and medium-sized cities. For processing large number of consumption, recognize many unscrupulous businessmen see business opportunities, began to appear on the market a lot of fakes, and the previous mark traditional way can not get effective anti-counterfeiting retroactive effect, it can cause huge damage enterprise reputation and image, so the laser marking technology in the sights of the beer industry bosses, laser marking is using high energy laser gasification material surface in a very short time to leave a permanent mark, laser marking is the use of computer control, can accurate in bottle face all sorts of beautiful design or text, laser marking machine is not only a marking graphic, qr code, bar code, production date, product information, and so on are able to do marking, the operation is simple. Laser marking machine of low cost, marking out the graphic permanent not to wipe the tampering, anti-counterfeit effect, effectively protecting the enterprise reputation and image. And laser marking machine is make the way of non-contact processing, processing will not produce machine for products in the process of deformation, leading to product scrap, with the continuous development of laser technology, laser marking machine today of long service life, stable performance, marking by delicate, clear, beautiful, applicable material widely, can realize assembly line production, maintenance, at the same time of increase production, also can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprise, believes that the application of laser in beer industry in the near future will be increasingly specification.
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