'Laser marking' higher scale manufacturing precision measuring tool

by:cycjet     2020-08-17
'Scale' which is our everyone useful basic, starting to go to school, will be used. Since we learn math is dependent on the scale of help, but we are all ordinary straight edge, set square, and so on, these are the most basic ruler. Today we take a look at how did scale measuring tool. So what is the scale mean? Scale in our daily life is the most common clock, scale is measuring tool or instrument carved above the value of the size or the floorboard of the tag, including: scale, dial, scale, scale measurement tools, such as scale are: a tape measure, ruler, vernier caliper, micrometer, spiral micrometer, digital display caliper, ruler, tape measure, meter scale, set square, etc. What is the role of the scale? Calibration is to measure the distance between the marker and things, to measure the dimensions of the object, is an important measure of the liquid container tools, 'calibration' in physics, chemistry, medicine and other test and building quantity, make clothing products face to face in the indispensable as measuring tool, it involves a wide range of degree is beyond thought. Scale of previous traditional processing method is given priority to with manual sculpture and printing ink, but with the scale expanding the application range of the measurement tools, materials constantly updated, especially metal measuring tools, the precision requirement also more and more high, the traditional processing way already can't satisfy the current required by the standard, in both boast skillful and precision is difficult to meet above, so the calibration processing need to be more precise equipment, it's need to use laser marking machine, its accuracy and processing speed is the traditional processing way several times. The principle of laser marking machine marking scale: laser marking machine is the use of high energy laser beam irradiation on the surface of workpiece, burning, so as to make its produce chemical reaction, forming a specific logo, design, text, bar code and other kinds of graphs. And these are all through the software to control the underlying patterns, text, depth, direction, size, etc. , in terms of scale and processing the laser marking machine compared to the traditional processing way, its advantages are obvious. People up the processing requirements of laser in the aspect of precision instruments, developed a variety of can meet all kinds of metal and non-metal material high precision, high quality, high-tech laser marking machine, is second to none in the precision instrument industry. For laser application to become each big processing industry equipment required! This is the people rise has always been adhering to the mission! The advantages of laser marking machine: 1. Precision is high, the line more fine 2. 3 for a long time a long use life. No pollution, no noise, no material 4. Maintenance free, easy to operate
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