Laser marking factory house which good? Here you will fully understand

by:cycjet     2020-07-25
Laser marking machine industry development for nearly 50 years, has quietly from the start, the public is not familiar with, do not know, now gradually replace the traditional process, add a new aircraft, has realized the leap type development, but another phenomenon is laser marking machine of domestic enterprises in the market have mushroomed rapidly, the development of the market on the brand and model of marking machine is also becoming diversified. So the customer will shop around, compare when buy, mainly is to compare prices, quality, etc. The demand of the market become bigger, but suppliers also increased, leading to laser marking machine market increasingly fierce competition, people rise to analyze how to choose shenzhen laser marking. Co2 laser marking machine optical fiber laser marking machine, laser marking manufacturer which brand is good? Read the article fully understand the industry, because the laser marking machine applies industry is very wide, in order to play the ideal effect, must find manufacturers with industry experience, see the marking speed, because this will directly affect the product processing efficiency, the marking effect, because of different equipment, marking a thick line, deep stretch would be different. People rise of choose and buy laser marking machine, laser important criteria of choose and buy is suitable for your product, and then is to see its label marking speed, typing is fine, and the effect of the trademark use lifespan of marking equipment, then is whether after-sales service and thoughtful. Domestic laser marking machine manufacturers, different start, difference is very apparent, can be roughly divided into four categories according to the company's business type. A, research and development production, Including general comprehensive research and development production, research and development production) 。 Second, the assembly production ( Including basic assembly production and standard assembly production) 。 3, OEM business ( Contain noncore OEM business, the main OEM business) 。 Four, all kinds of dealers, Including network dealers, noncore dealers, the main distributor) 。
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