Laser marking equipment in what is the difference between cold and hot working? The people rise laser

by:cycjet     2020-07-20
Now laser technology is increasingly mature, especially in the area of laser marking, both metal and nonmetal industries are able to do a perfect marking, laser marking is especially suitable for precision machining, laser marking out by delicate and beautiful, not to wipe, will not fade or benefit by long time, it can not only improve the grade of the product, also can have the effect of preventing string goods with fake. Ultraviolet laser marking machine in order to meet the needs of various industries, laser marking machine series, developed the need of different series for different industries of different materials, and laser marking used commonly one-piece cabinet design, the design of laser marking machine is small in size, does not occupy a space. Laser marking machine is generally mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is cold, is a kind of hot working, the two kinds of processing technology for different primary material, generally hot working is for metal industry, and can work on the heated plastic industry. Optical fiber laser marking machine, laser marking cold and hot working laser marking the difference between the cold: cold work generally used in green marking machine and uv laser marking machine, cold is come out of a new high and new technology in recent years, mainly through the high energy density of laser beam surface, the surface of the material absorption of laser energy, the thermal damage in the material, because it is to use cold work, also won't cause burning, black border to artifacts, such as deformation problem. Laser marking heating: heating using high energy laser beam irradiation surface, make its produce thermal exposure area, make its temperature rise to, burning, dissolved, the phenomenon such as evaporation, in order to achieve our final set objective effect, this is mainly used in optical fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine. Co2 laser marking machine whether using cold or hot working methods, laser marking machine for industrial contribution is irreplaceable, laser marking machine identified by high quality, permanent, inorganic pressure processing, no material, no pollution, no noise, which can realize the advantages of the assembly line production, make it become a member of the essential in industrial processes, especially in today's electronic industry, the traditional way of marking easy to fade, erase, may cause don't know that this product is such as to test and need to spend a lot of manpower, laser marking machine replace the traditional way is to have been doomed.
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