Laser engraving machine is so popular, see here you know

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
Nowadays, laser engraving machine has become carving industry indispensable processing tool. In both product categories, machining precision and machining quality, and production cycle, it is extremely advantage. Sculpture is a very broad concept, generally for hard data processing: plate cutting, marking, sculpture, 2 d) , embossed, 3 d) And so on. Engraving machine according to the principle of other processing, can be divided into mechanical carve machine, spray sand carving machine. Water knife cutting machine, etc. When carving crafts basket at least in the present stage also need manually. Now is the most used mechanical engraving machine. Laser engraving machine. And spray sand carving machine. Laser than the traditional machining method has many merits. One of laser engraving machine is marking and data of touch, so there is no loss of traditional engraving machine tools. This reduces the potential unqualified products together. The advantages of laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine more convenient and more efficient, than mechanical engraving machine cutting stereoscopic word aperture small, font little deformation, organic glass cutting word when no burrs, needn't polishing treatment, compared to other engraving machine more precise, and can carve disorderly drawing pictures, can probably cut glass carving, leather, rubber and other special materials. In laser carve machine, cut don't have to be specially fixed carved. Main processing materials: organic glass, double color boards, cloth, leather, paper, rubber, high density board, foam board, glass, plastic and non-metallic products. Can insist on durable laser of symbols, and clear. Though sometimes needs time to again and again is to find out the suitable parameter Settings, laser engraving machine is faster than the traditional mechanical engraving machine. Completely different because of the principle of engraving machine, laser and carving of traditional carving method can't carved many material, such as wood, rubber, etc. Other, the same laser engraving machine not only can sculpture can also be used to not very thick plate. Shenzhen citizen litres production of laser equipment and laser intelligent solution is widely used in fine equipment, auto parts, hutch defends hardware, electronic appliances, smart home, cell phone components, instruments and meters, lighting equipments, hardware tools, sanitary ware, mould, medical appliances, IT digital metal shell, garment leather, craft gifts, advertising, decoration, jewelry and other industries. Has extensive customer benchmarking model.
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