Laser engraving machine in denim fabric industry development prospects

by:cycjet     2020-07-19
Laser engraving is a pattern to make use of computer design, layout, and make the PLT or BMP file, and then let the co2 laser engraving machine follows a computer typesetting instruction for operation. The working principle of laser engraving machine is a high temperature corrosion on the surface of fabrics, fuel can be gasified subjected to high temperature, as to generate a variety of art on the fabric pattern. Can make the effect of washing water, monkey, cat, such as old rags and grinding effect, and all sorts of design combined with embroidery, bead piece, iron tablets, metal accessories, can form all kinds of dazzling costumes. Using a laser engraving machine to processing denim now this technology has been applied widely in the areas such as zhejiang, jiangsu and guangzhou. Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong's clothing market has some products with cowboy 3 d galvanometer laser laser carving machine laser spraying decoration elements added in the popular style. Textile industry is a traditional industry and big industry, continuous use of high-tech and traditional industries docking, is an important approach to upgrade traditional industries product technology content. Nowadays there are a lot of clothing factories still use the traditional way of printing, the traditional production process is long, the program design of the single and complex, the process of production have been working is limited by the various aspects of the environment. With the development of science and technology, people have higher demand to for food and clothing live line, and using the traditional process has been unable to meet the needs of people. So with laser engraving machine technology and computer aided design technology to art finishing of denim fabrics, gives its special printing effect, it is also a garment processing industry of the reform of the industrial revolution at a time. Laser engraving machining speed, simple operation, design can follow change without affecting the subsequent processing. Can realize continuous production, a molding, to large extent improve the production efficiency, saving labor costs. People up the specialty is engaged in the laser equipment for decades of research and development production experience and perfect after-sales service, the people liters laser are looking forward to your coming. Hotline: 13924607698
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