Laser engraving machine for wood process puts glorious greatly

by:cycjet     2020-07-18
Wooden craft gift manufacturing process, like the painter in the process of drawing on white paper. So, how do you will be a blank piece of wood into a handicraft artistic value. In addition to the inspiration, the designer's 'brush' is also important. Processing 'tool' as a new era, laser engraving machine is undoubtedly the wooden craft gift indispensable 'brush'. First of all, let us together into the laser engraving machine under the footprints of handicraft art world. Model: the plane image resolution of the local parts after mapping software, and application of laser in solid wood materials complete image cutting, then manually splicing into plane physical model. This can be a furnishing articles, and may also be a work of art. Box: combining laser hollow out effect and the model of manufacturing process, let the plane model of evolution for the creative gift boxes, mount gift, let a person fondle admiringly. Lighting: maybe use opportunely fireflies glow inspiration, placing LED lights inside the model, through the image of laser hollow out, let a person feel the fairy tale world of lighting. Pendant: application of laser engraving machine cutting graphics processing and the characteristics of not restricted, can draw any creative images on wood. After coloring disposal together wit the pendant. Accessories: of course, can also be after laser engraving cutting wood made into earrings, necklaces and other jewelry, another induces wood jewelry fashionable amorous feelings! Laser engraving machine is a magical 'brush', let you experience the flowing process of painting, let you feel the achievements of works from pleasure! Three workers is the quality control of laser engraving machine, laser processing is convenient for you, let you experience science and technology innovation, let you think what you think, do what you want!
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